spvbible now on Twitter

I recently signed up on Twitter.  I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting, but if I find something interesting when I’m translating, I’ll post a message.

Here’s where you can find me:

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Syntactic Precision English Translation

When doing Bible translation, in addition to consulting grammars, lexicons, commentaries, and Bible software programs, for each verse I also reference the following mostly formal equivalence translations:
ASV – American Standard Version
DBY – English Darby Bible
ERV – English Revised Version
ESV – English Standard Version
JPS – Jewish Publication Society
KJV – King James Version
NAB – New American Bible
NASB […]

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The Mystery of “the Daily” 2009 Version

In May 2009 I corrected numerous grammatical errors in and made some additional improvements to John Peters’s manuscript The Mystery of the Daily, with the approval of John Peters.
Therefore this is the most up-to-date version of The Mystery of the Daily.  Download this updated version below, and send it to as many people as you […]

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Responses to the critique by Gerhard Pfandl

Since the appearance of John Peters’s manuscript The Mystery of the Daily, it has gotten the attention of the Biblical Research Institute (BRI). Dr. Gerhard Pfandl, associate director of BRI, in July 2005 wrote a critique to Peters’s manuscript, concluding that Peters’s thesis that “the daily” represented the self-exalting character of paganism was “exegetically and […]

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Bible Versions Discussion Board

I just signed up at a Bible versions discussion board at:

I have contributed some responses so far.  This is my first time being in a Bible forum of some kind.  I haven’t checked out other Bible version/translation forums out there, but I’ll start with this one.

If you’re interested in seeing where I am, you’ll find […]

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The Mystery of “The Daily”

I am pleased to add a study entitled The Mystery of the Daily: An Exegesis of Daniel 8:9-14. It is a manuscript written by John W. Peters in 1992. I came across this manuscript in 2002 and was immediately immersed in the academic technicality of it, in which I was particularly fascinated by the usage […]

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New Bible Translation

The main reason for producing a new Bible translation is to finally have a translation that, for the first time in history since the time of the prophet Daniel, corresponds with the present truth. The present truth for our times is that the greatest threat in the book of Daniel is the Roman power in its […]

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