9.0 External Evidence from Daniel 9:23-27

The 70-week prophecy of Dn. 9:24-27 is presented within the overall context of the vision (mare`h) of the “2300 evening-morning” of Daniel 8. The Hebrew term, mare`h, for vision is specifically associated with the 2300 evening-morning in Dn. 8:26 and Gabriel uses mare`h, not chazon, for vision in 9:23 when he comes to help Daniel understand the vision (mare`h). The explanation encompasses the 70-week (490-year) commencement of the 2300 years and would logically include the entire contextual framework of the 2300 years, especially the events revolving around the end of the 2300 years. Thus, Gabriel exhorts Daniel in 9:23 to “pay attention” and “understand the vision (mare`h)”.

Shea’s exegesis of Dn. 9:24-27 limits the entire passage to the unfolding events associated with the Messiah until the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.(113) All the concluding events associated with the “utter end” (kalah), “end” (qes), “desolations” (shomem) and “abominations” (shiqqus) are attributed to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. It is suggested that these terms are directly related to similar ones used in Dn. 8, 11 & 12.

An exegesis of 9:24-27 limited to the 70 weeks in contrast to the 2300-year vision (mare`h) is inconsistent with Daniel’s other over-arching visions of world kingdoms and powers presented in Dn. 2, 7, 8 and the vision of chapters 10-12. Each one covers the full expanse of time to the utter consummation of all things. It is suggested that the explanation of the 2300-year vision given in 9:24-27 follows this same pattern and encompasses the closing events of earth’s history. This view is supported based on the following linguistic and contextual evidence of pertinent passages within 9:26 & 27.

113) W. H. Shea, DARCOM: Vol. 3, pp. 77-99.


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