9.2 Summary

The evidence suggests that Dn. 9:23-27 not only explains the beginning date of the 2300-year prophecy, but also gives a snapshot overview from the beginning to the end of the entire 2300-year period and the final conclusion of earth’s history. This comprehensive chronology is inherent in all the world-kingdom prophecies of Daniel including 9:24-27.

The evidence also strongly suggests a direct linkage of Dn. 8:13 with 9:26-27 by the use of the participle “that which desolates” (shomem). The same linkage exists with 11:31 and 12:11. In Dn. 9:26-27 desolations (shomemoth) and abominations (shiqqusim) are both plural, suggesting the compound two-phase character of Rome. This two-phase character is represented by “the continual” self-exaltation of pagan Rome, lifted up by papal Rome, which manifests itself ultimately in the second phase by the “transgression” of claiming to act in behalf of God through the union of church and state.


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