4.0 Translation of Daniel 8:9-14

Vs. 9 And out of one of them he (masculine) came, a horn from littleness, which became very great toward the south and toward the east, and toward the glory.

Vs. 10 And it (feminine) became great even to the host of the heavens. And it (fem.) made fall to the ground (some) from the host and (some) from the stars and trampled them.

Vs. 11 Even unto the Prince of the host he (masculine) exalted himself. And from him (mas.) was lifted up the daily (continuance) and the place of his (mas.) sanctuary was cast down.

Vs. 12 It (feminine) was given even a host against the daily by means of transgression. And it (fem.) cast down truth to the ground and it (fem.) worked and it (fem.) prospered.

Vs. 13 Then I heard a certain holy one speaking and another holy one said to that one who spoke, “Until when the vision, the daily and the transgression which desolates making both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled.”

Vs. 14 And he said unto me, “Until 2300 evening-morning, then the sanctuary shall be put right (cleansed).”


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