5.0 Exegesis of Daniel 8:9-12

The vision (chazon) described in Daniel 8 of the ram and the goat with a broken horn “in place of which four notable ones came up toward the four winds of heaven” forms the contextual framework, discussed in depth by Shea(8) and Hasel,(9) of Dn. 8:9-14. The origin of the “horn from littleness” which comes out of the four winds of heaven has been clarified previously.(10),(11) There is general agreement among Adventist scholars that the horn from littleness in verse 9 which “became very great” and “cast down some of the host” in verse 10 represents Rome in its two phases, both pagan and papal Rome.

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9) G. F. Hasel, DARCOM: Vol 2, pp. 378-461
10) W. H. Shea, Selected Studies on Prophetic Interpretation, DARCOM: Vol. 1, pp. 41-43, 1982.
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